About Hatsu

Hatsu, a new modern Edomae sushi omakase concept restaurant. Helmed by award-winning Chef-owner Leon Yap. Serving a combination of modern Edomae sushi and Chef personal philosophy creating a balance of traditional and modern style cuisine that unique to Singapore. The Kanji” 初 “meant initial, there is a kanji ” 心 ” are hiding in middle of kanji ” 初” , which make it” 初心 “, meant initial passion. This is main philosophy that Chef Leon Yap wanted to keep reminding himself and the team of Hatsu, Serving good food and provide warmest service from heart to every single guest. 


Chef Leon Yap, 36, the champion of the World Sushi Cup Japan 2019. Has experience of 15 years in Japanese cuisine, which included few well known high end sushi restaurant in the market. Chef is trained in conventional way, form a strong foundation and always seek for continuous progress.

– Champion of World Sushi Cup Japan 2019

– Certified International Sake Sommelier

highlights of hatsu

– Shari mean sushi rice, sushi rice are 60% of importance for a good sushi
Chef Leon Yap created a unique sugar free Akazu Shari( red vinegared rice ) for Hatsu, which is with

  • Sasanishiki rice( Miyagi) – Harder grain, a top choice during Edo period for Edomae sushi, but due to difficulty in the cultivation, it`s now rare luxury rice breed
  • Akazu– 3 differents of red vinegar are used in Chef Leon Yap recipe, mild red, Sake lees fermented akazu aged 3 years.


– Seafood ingredients used in sushi, only the best ingredients are sourced by our Chef from different prefectures around Japan and according to the seasons
– Aged neta are introduce in Hatsu, along with traditional Edomae technique like marinate, cure and also boil, to make sure every Neta and Shari compliment each other in most harmony and balanced way, unleashed full potential of ingredients while keeping original beauty of it.